Tina Gverovic, Collage Highway Installation view

Collage from the Highway

Installation including:
March of Material, 10 digital prints on the silk hung on powder-coated modular steel structures, dimensions variable (with Ben Cain)
Substructures, 3 digital prints on silk hung on two bespoke wood structures, rested on existing furniture
Curtain in Three Colours, cotton and mix fibre fabric, dimensions variable (with Siniša Ilić)
Glimmer, HD 9’44” (with Siniša Ilić)

Shown as part of My sweet little lamb (Everything we see could be otherwise), a series of exhibitions based on the Kontakt Art Collection, apartment Softić, Zagreb
curated by WHW
Photo: Damir Žižić

With its title alluding to fluidity, flow of material and people, speed, and bareness, Collage from the Highway addresses methods of structuring materials, documents and notes. The exhibition is a meeting of two spaces, a net of internet-inspired fragments of information and a body of interrelated physical documents and materials. Space and architectural elements are conceived jointly alongside works on paper and textile.

The rooms are sheltered by curtains that stretch across all the windows, altering the colour of light, allowing the presence of the city to enter the rooms as sound rather than images. Pieces of furniture are removed, positioned in order to direct movement through the rooms. The labyrinth is intercepted with images (prints, drawings and collages) depicting states of precariousness and unpredictability. Some pieces of furniture morph into display devices, carrying grids and nets for prints, the other are emptied from accumulation. Other newly inserted elements might remind one of a production line, a line of hanging material, a journey, a procession, movement in space, spatial divides, a path to follow.

The platform – a space for the imaginary- is a foreground for the mural depicting fragments of the architectural structures and imprints of fragmented bodies. Some of the works could be read as contemporary stories about movement of people. The collective body is seen as a collection of geographies, but also as a ‘place’ in itself or as a mass, a moving mass, a land mass. Bodies are inextricably linked, networked via invisible ties, pulls and magnetic attractions. People when moving en masse are moving as if shifting tectonic plates, as a moving landmass, across space and time.

March of Materials
2017, 10 digital prints on silk, 100 x 70cm

2017, 3 digital prints on silk, 60 x 40cm

HD, 9’44”

Performers: Nataša Dangubić, Adrian Pezdirc
Camera, sound, editing: Ivan Slipčević

Produced within the project My sweet little lamb (Everything we see could also be otherwise), a series of exhibitions based on the Kontakt Art Collection, Zagreb, 2017
(a collaboration with Siniša Ilić)