Mirror Image
Installation that includes mirror and wall drawing. Dimensions variable.

Text/spoken word excerpts from the video:

This is transcribed from a conversation with an impulsive and constant traveller.
As she moves through places, she writes, sings, and talks aloud.
Sometimes the words that come out of her mouth are insightful,
sometimes they are wildly abstract.

Familiar places become strange to those who live there, and in turn those places become
familiar to strangers. This is a woman who writes, and when she’s not writing,
she’s picturing, and showing. Exploring actually. This is called remote viewing.
This is something we all do.

She describes the contours of a place, the colours in detail. A New York blue is
apparently different from a Yorkshire blue. She relay’s it to an audience,
to a single character, a medium even. There are books, telephone lines, and drawings.

In this case, she’s told of a square, rhombus, a blue grey; but she doesn’t know more.
There are objects and figures, but no edges. That’s it then, just hovering.
This is the place you are standing in now, as pictured from an appropriate distance.
The lines are sharp, but the actualities are blurred.