Missing Image
Installation view
Fordham Gallery, London
A collaboration with Siniša Ilić

Missing Image is part of a series of ongoing projects by Tina Gverović and Siniša Ilić. This ongoing project, which takes place in a variety of locations and takes on a variety of forms (drawings, found and original photographs, video and audio recordings, exhibitions and printed material), looks at problems of identity construction in environments characterized by impermanence. The material shown here collects together historical and contemporary images which record and comment upon experiences of public space, togetherness, labour, exclusion, and economic processes. The fact that some images are intentionally or accidentally blurred, and of low-res quality, together with the fact that images have been replaced with written descriptions, or titles emphasizes moments where perception is made difficult, where understanding is somehow obstructed or obscurred. The images shown here, along with their remains or traces might encourage observers towards the additional work of detecting and recognising a variety of issues which we encounter and struggle with on a daily basis.

Fordham Gallery is an itinerant gallery in the form of a boat, which moves around the south of England via canals. For the exhibition and the initial presentation of the publication Missing Image (produced in collaboration with Ben Cain), the gallery was moored at Victoria Park in East London.