Night Weavers


Installation with rope, recycled and dyed clothing, and a series of prints on cotton fabric (450 x 780cm). Shown as part of exhibition Sleeping with Vengeance Dreaming of Life, curated by Ruth Noack at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart. Photo: Hans D. Christ

The installation is comprised of rope, prints on fabric and recycled clothing. The series of prints on fabric trace bodies in motion. The bodies here are not entirely visible, rather their shape and life is only traced through a shell, the outline of clothes that they are wearing. The prints and hand-dyed recycled clothing are placing and woven into a web-like rope structure (stretched and hooked at different angles in an interior space). Besides possible associations with bodies being caught up, washed up, entangled, the intention is to enhance the idea of a fall into a dream or more so the potential for that dream to enable us to be woven from one into another.