Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition is conceived as a collaboration between Siniša Ilić and Tina Gverović (film Chamelon, mural and architectural interventions), and Ben Cain (series of b/w photographs and a video).

The exhibition Turnovers explores the fundamental components of the museum – the collection, the audience and the building – as a thematic continuation of Inverted House shown at Tate Modern. Alongside elements adapted from the project in London, the exhibition incorporates three new works produced for the occasion: a film, Chameleon, and a sound installation, Houses On The Move, made by Ilić and Gverović in Belgrade during May and June 2014; and Short Falls by Ben Cain, a multimedia work that takes the iconic eight-cubed floor plan of the Museum of Contemporary Art as the basis for a sculpture, a short video and a series of photographs.

Turnovers at the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art explores the notion of the museum as a space for thought: a space that is being constructed and in which you build and form process. By connecting local experiences and activities and reconsidering global happenings and their consequences, the artists subtly presented the problems of belonging, dislocation and instability in the framework of a broader socio-political context. This, perhaps more than ever before, defines the position of art today and is responsible for the particularities and characteristics of each art institution’s activities.