Mechanical Dreaming

Mechanical Dreamings

Installation with textile and prints on textile (700 x 450cm)

Ride into the Sun – 3rd Industrial Labin Biennial, Croatia.

Curators: Branka Benčić, Gerald Matt, Christian Oxenius


What news today?

The body pushes, the body rolls, nothing touches the ground, no bearing, no supporting walls, a free fall.

Fabric is loose, it hangs in folds, one layer over another. Like layers of geological strata, soft and wavy, supporting one another, moving gently.

If things shift and down becomes up then one doesn’t loose the ground, one is not in a fall. What if the air becomes the ground, then the one that was falling is actually the one that is standing upright. The make-up of things is relative and so is our perception of it, relation to everyday, to what seems new and to what seems old. So studies for better news are actually not studies on facts and actualities but studies on relations between materials, between people and their environments, and the construction of our perception of these relations.

Mechanical Dreamings

Series of 9 prints on cotton fabric (90 x 50cm)